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If you represent a sponsor, an individual entrepreneur or a family shop, your job is to seek out potential target acquisitions within the criteria of your clients. Buyers are often particular, targeting end customers, products, geographic regions and industries based on their current asset holdings and their investment strategy. With such restrictive qualifications, it can be challenging to find the right seller at the right price. An Alliance with Second Wind allows intermediaries to qualify more potential purchases by excluding the need for the enterprise value to exceed the outstanding liabilities.  

Our transactional expertise in strategic short sales also limits the amount of out-of-pocket capital buyers will require as part of any transaction, by basing the valuation of the deal solely on the underlying assets rather than the value of enterprise itself. This approach not only limits the upfront acquisition costs but also allows any remaining value to be paid to the seller directly in a performance-based earnout. Consequently, your buyer’s downside risk is protected and the seller gets a successful exit, thus incentivizing the seller side of your LOI.

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