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Private Equity Alliances to Eliminate Subordinate Debt and Streamline Transactions

Second Wind specializes in extracting enterprise value when debt would otherwise mean a business is untransactable.

It’s time to re-evaluate your opportunities. No investor wants to deal in “distress,” but when distressed can become “pristine” before or through your acquisition, you won’t have to. That’s how you close more deals.

Whether a situation is untransactable because of the inefficiencies of addressing subordinate debt, or because your LOIs don’t incentivize distressed sellers, a Second Wind reorganization offers a streamlined path to “pristine.”

Reorganizations performed via Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code provide an alternate form of asset liquidation into a new or existing purchasing entity—thereby preserving core enterprise value while eliminating business debt.

When core operational value is preserved, incentives are created for all parties in the transaction. Distressed sellers are incentivized with a path to exit successfully. Investors acquire enterprise value at the attractive cost of the assets.

Over the past ten years, Second Wind has performed thousands of Article 9 reorganizations which offer unprecedented value to distressed owners, business investors and creditors alike. Distressed entities are reorganized into pristine ones in 45-60 days.

You can now re-evaluate opportunities without regard to debt on the balance sheet. Your deals will close faster, with minimized risk and cost.

As a PEG purchaser, you can now acquire enterprise value at liquidated asset costs. Ask us how.



Aaron Todrin, President, explains how Second Wind can eliminate a lengthy creditor schedule and return a clean, debt-free entity with a preserved business operation.

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