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Debt Resolution for Complex Organizations

A real solution must preserve business value.

As a CEO facing distress, the stakes are high and you’re entrusted to find solutions. Navigating the complexities of fiduciary obligations to shareholders, ethical obligations to employees, or even complex chains of vendor relationships can seem insurmountable.

Debt resolution, leveraged by reorganizational fundamentals, offers an alternative to the “pay or fail” dichotomy of bankruptcy or stacking new debt. Through RISE Enterprise Solutions, complex organizations have access to the same tools once available only to the largest of corporationsregardless of industry, location or other variables.

A better solution for all parties involved.

RISE offers the most rational and ethical path to preserve the business, or even to create a successful exit in the face of unsupportable debt. Preserving value that otherwise would be lost through bankruptcy or failure returns maximum benefit to owners and creditors alike. It’s a better way.

Second Wind has saved thousands of businesses from bankruptcy and forced liquidation. Find out if debt resolution through our RISE program is right for your business.

Second Wind Consultants offers solutions previously available only to the largest of corporations to businesses of all sizes.

Second Wind Consultants offers solutions previously available only to the largest of corporations to businesses of all sizes.

A hand stopping dominoes from falling symbolizing how business debt can interrupt operations

The Ultimate Guide To Business Debt Solutions

For businesses facing financial distress or insolvency, conventional knowledge has created what we call the “Pay or Fail Dichotomy”taking on new debt or filing for bankruptcy.

In this guide, we’ll illustrate the advantages and pitfalls of these options, and introduce a more rational and ethical alternative that may be the lifeline your enterprise needs. This method preserves core business value and provides a win for all parties involved.

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Yes, resolve business debt.

Find out more about the rational and ethical path to preserving the value of your business and resolving unsupportable debt.

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