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BEST Solutions: Business empowerment and strategic turnaround

Debt Elimination

RISE Solutions: Commercial debt settlement & restructuring


Second Wind offers consulting services that create growth, debt resolution that preserves value, and Business Alliances that streamline transactions.

Debt Resolution Services

Debt and distress can strike any business. Reorganization and debt resolution offer the optimal path to preserving the business or even to a successful exit. Our RISE program (Reorganization, Insulation, & Strategic Emergence) offers the rational and ethical alternative to bankruptcy and failure.

The RISE program is a better way.Learn More

  • Over the past 15 years, Second Wind has reorganized and preserved thousands of distressed businesses through our RISE program.

    Small Business
  • RISE Enterprise Solutions offers the most rational path to preserving the value of complex organizations faced with distress—regardless of industry, corporate structure or location.


Business Consulting Services

Traditionally, all but the largest corporations have been excluded from elite business consulting. Our BEST services (Business Empowerment & Strategic Turnaround) create sustainability and growth while being directly staked in your successnot hourly fees.

Our BEST consulting services can help your business thrive.Learn More

  • Our BEST Turnaround Solutions immediately redirect the trajectory of a business from unsustainability to profitability, or from stagnation to growth.

    Corporate Turnaround
  • From advanced analytics, change management and capital formation, to operations optimization and sustainability, our BEST Consulting Solutions are both powerful and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

    Management Consulting
  • BEST Accelerators are intensive programs that set a new organization on a firm foundation for success or lend an existing organization a platform for reinvention.

    Accelerator Services

Strategic Alliances

Investors, intermediaries and trusted advisors can leverage Second Wind’s business debt elimination services to open a new spectrum of transactional possibilities and client solutions unavailable anywhere else.

A Second Wind Alliance will add value to your business model at no cost to you. Learn More

  • For bank special assets and credit officers, a Second Wind Alliance means exiting underperforming / non-performaing credits for maximum value - while fully avoiding the costs and reputational risk of formal liquidation.

    Bank Special Assets Alliance
  • For PEGs, debt resolution streamlines paths to closing, creates seller incentives, lowers cost of entry and scales ROI by divorcing subordinate creditors from the value of business operations.

    Private Equity Alliance
  • For alternative lending professionals, a Second Wind Alliance will remove subordinate debt from target assets and deliver you a pristine enterprise ready for lending in first position.

    ABL/Factor Alliance
  • For M&A or brokerage professionals, resolving subordinate debt turns distressed situations into pristine ones, creating maximum transactional value and offering unique leverage in strategic buy-side representation.

    M&A Alliance
  • For the trusted advisor, client preservation and retention are leveraged through debt resolution services that create successful exits and avoid bankruptcy.

    Trusted Advisor Alliance

Yes, resolve business debt.

Find out more about the rational and ethical path to preserving the value of your business and resolving unsupportable debt.

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