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Debt Resolution to Preserve the Business or Create an Exit

The RISE program preserves businesses and owners like no other option can. Without bankruptcy or new debt.

Small business is the backbone of a growing economy. Yet in times of distress, business owners are often advised that their only options are “pay or fail.” In the face of stacking unsupportable debt, or even bankruptcy, reorganizational fundamentals offer a better path to preserving the underlying value of your business. The RISE Program will resolve the vast majority of debt and personal guaranties while creating a path to corporate turnaround or a successful exit.

Every business is “too big to fail.”

Over the past ten years, Second Wind has perfected the application of reorganizational principles to businesses of all sizesnot just to those corporations deemed “too big to fail.” The preservation of business value, activity and jobs is not only the most rational path but also the most ethical one.

Second Wind has saved thousands of businesses from bankruptcy and forced liquidation. Find out if debt resolution through our RISE program is right for your business.

Listen to the Second Wind Consultants team as they explain how, why and what they do every day to save businesses from unsupportable debt.

Listen to the Second Wind Consultants team as they explain how, why and what they do every day to save businesses from unsupportable debt.

A hand stopping dominoes from falling symbolizing how business debt can interrupt operations

The Ultimate Guide To Business Debt Solutions

For businesses facing financial distress or insolvency, conventional knowledge has created what we call the “Pay or Fail Dichotomy”taking on new debt or filing for bankruptcy.

In this guide, we’ll illustrate the advantages and pitfalls of these options, and introduce a more rational and ethical alternative that may be the lifeline your company needs. This method preserves core business value and provides a win for all parties involved.

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Yes, resolve business debt.

Find out more about the rational and ethical path to preserving the value of your business and resolving unsupportable debt.

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