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Strategic Reinvention

The most successful businesses know that they must adapt to change in order to evolve. Whether it’s bringing new products and services to market, responding to declining revenues, or implementing a new growth strategy, reinvention is vital to long-term sustainability and profit. The challenge for many enterprises in need of reinvention is recognizing that they can’t wait until the need for change presents itself. Paradoxically, effective reinvention requires fixing what does not yet appear to be broken.

Second Wind’s Strategic Reinvention Services bridge a company’s immediate focus on managing its existing operations with strategic implementation of foundations on which a successful new business will be built.

Competition Tracking

The competitive influences in your field have already changed by the time your business hits peak revenues, making it vital to stay ahead of the trends. By tracking how the competition in your industry is changing, you can anticipate shifting customer needs and create the next iteration of products and services to give you a competitive advantage.

Renewing of Capabilities

Your business has unique capabilities. However, free enterprise presents a challenge to maintaining the distinctions that set you apart, so your company must develop new ones on a consistent basis. It may take several years before the strategies you execute today begin to have a meaningful impact on your industry. Second Wind can help you to develop the essential foresight and implement the research and development necessary to keep you ahead of the curve.

A Ready Supply of Talent

Ideally, your employees have both the skills and the inclination to drive new growth. When business is good, it’s easy to let developing and retaining talent fall to the wayside. Pressure to reduce margins may result in staff reductions or decreases in training programs; however, a steady commitment to employee development is critical to reinvention. Second Wind will help you to develop a team with a balanced focus on both the present and the future.

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