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Financial Analysis & Profit Modeling

Financial analysis requires the evaluation of key performance indicators so that the strengths and weaknesses of your business are revealed and appropriate adjustments can be made. Second Wind will test these KPIs against industry standards in order to help evaluate anomalies. This not only helps to depict trends and design a response, but it allows for “what if” planning to support maximum profitability.

Profit modeling allows you to manipulate the controllable forces impacting operations and product sales and adjust them to maximize profit potential. Such analysis gives you the vital information necessary to redesign any strategies that are underperforming, and thus implement changes that will enhance growth.

Whether it involves decreasing payroll and adjusting sales commissions, or increasing marketing and internet sales, looking at each month’s the bottom line can help you determine what adjustments will improve upon last year’s numbers. Utilizing a 12-month cash flow pro forma, we will guide you in making financial adjustments until you reach your most profitable business equation.

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