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Heightened global competition has made adaptability vital to a company’s survival. Second Wind provides the tools and techniques to help companies transform quickly. A formal approach for managing change—beginning with the leadership team and looping in both key stakeholders and employees—should be developed early and adapted often to maintain momentum and drive results.

Knowing the right path for implementing change demands data collection and analysis—including a realistic assessment of an organization’s history, readiness and capacity for reinvention. Second Wind will assist you in revealing these factors as well as bringing major problems to the surface, identifying conflicts and defining elements that can recognize and influence sources of leadership and resistance. Understanding the human side of change management—and responding to feedback from the people who work within your organization—is critical for ensuring its success.

Your company’s core values, beliefs, behaviors and perceptions serve as the baseline for designing essential change elements—such as the new corporate vision—and defining the desired culture. Once these components are in place, Second Wind will help you institute the proper planning, implementation discipline and redesign of strategy, systems, and processes that will help your business grow and thrive.

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