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All businesses need capital. Maybe you need to fund a purchase order, buy more inventory, invest in your workforce or acquire new space. Given today’s financial climate, traditional loans are becoming harder and harder to obtain. The alternative lending arena is expanding to bridge this gap, but these options—including private equity, asset-based loans (ABLs), factors and merchant cash advances (MCAs) to name a few—come with their own distinct pros and cons.

Every company is different. They have different entity types, capital structures, asset bases and revenue streams. Financing that works for one business could be the demise of another. In order to be successful, you must understand how the mechanics of each financing vehicle work in conjunction with both your business and its ability to pay back the funds over the term of the loan. Failure to understand these relationships can be disastrous to your business.

Second Wind Consultants will help you navigate these various types of lending instruments to get the appropriate kind of financing your business needs. By reviewing your business cash flow and asset base, we can lead you to the lowest cost option for your business with competitive and sustainable terms while mitigating risk and exposure in the future.  

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