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Small Business Advantages Part 3: Double Super Service

Article | April 14, 2019

Getting customers emotionally attached to your brand is a big investment, but it will pay off in customer loyalty and retention.

Super service: this is one main way small businesses can separate themselves from their larger competitors. Whereas large corporations may be able to rely on brand recognition, low prices, or heavy market infiltration, small businesses have to set themselves apart by providing the highest levels of exceptional service possible.

So, the third part of our Small Business Advantages series is this: the ability of small businesses to deliver super service. Not just super service…double super service! In fact, killer super service beyond belief. If you deliver double super service:

  • You will enjoy a unique place in the market
  • You will be adored by your client base
  • Customers will pay you more than they would elsewhere
  • You’ll have high goodwill value forever

In short, word of mouth will spread and people will stand in line to do business with you. Getting customers emotionally attached to your brand is a big investment, but it will pay off in customer loyalty and retention, says Forbes.

Examples of Super Service

You probably have your own examples. That business that goes above and beyond every time you seek them out. The barista who already has your coffee going — just how you like it — right as you walk in the door. The corner Chinese food place that brings your bag of takeout to your car door as you’re double parked. The doctor that squeezes you in when you need to get your child seen right away so you don’t have to wait hours or days.

Uber Service: The Ultimate in Service

At a restaurant, an example of super service would be a highly educated wait staff that’s extremely knowledgeable about the food, preparation and approach. When they talk to their patrons and start talking about the specials, they do it with authority, knowledge, and personal experience. They will have tasted each dish and can give you an honest opinion about which to go with: the chicken piccata or the steak tips.

Whatever advice they give, they give it with context to create an experience out of eating. In essence, they’re bringing you into the love affair.

Bottom line is, when you provide super service, you can charge higher prices and have tremendous levels of loyalty from your customers.

Any business can find a way to up the ante on their services, whether through the availability of educational material, a helpful website, or English speaking helplines. Banks have been upping the ante for years now with online banking, setting up shop in grocery stores, and staying open late at night and on weekends.

If you see a need, fill it. And be the best at it! For more advice, request a consultation today with Second Wind Consultants.

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