How to Protect yourself during a Merchant Cash Advance Loan Default

Recently Second Wind Consultants has seen a large influx of business owners overburdened with merchant cash advance loans and other forms of high interest short term financing. Instead of one large monthly payment, these multiple, often daily, payments are strangling cash flow of an otherwise “stable” business. We have wrote other articles on the topic that have received much praise, hopefully this one helps you out too.

The most common profile is a small business that has obtained one ...

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Business Debt Schedule- How to Best Prioritize Your Debts

Running a business requires a business owner to wear many hats and display many skills. They must be involved in areas such as sales, marketing, managing their workforce, managing customer relationships, and leading their business to success through astute financial practices. As described in our book Successfully Navigating the Downturn, there are four pillars to success that all business owners must be sufficient in. They are Management by the Numbers, Reinvention, Sales & Marketing, and Continue Reading →

Unsecured Vendor Debt, Frequently The most Important Debt Forgiveness Workout

While most debt forgiveness experienced in workouts that we focus on are on the secured bank debt, the big loan, the bank being with high value and a well secured creditor, as it is secured by your assets and your personal guaranty in most instances and thus is the primary focus for resolution.
However this is not always the case, that this secured loan is the most damaging, as the reality is such debt is usually serviced monthly over a ...

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