Services – What We Do


Second Wind Consultants, Inc is committed to helping struggling business deal effectively with their problematic debt issues. We firmly believe that the typical business owner has few options when dealing with difficult debt situations. There is much conflicting advice out there, and most attorneys do not know how to effectively deal with debt problems. They recommend bankruptcy for most, as litigation is the language that attorneys speak, but it is only a good solution for some cases. We have designed business strategies that help business owners deal with their debt issues without bankruptcy, litigation or the high cost of going through the legal system.

We understand what’s at risk, and our vision is about “Saving families and jobs, one business at a time.” Please read about our many services below. You will find that we are experts in almost any debt situation imaginable and will likely be able to offer you some solutions. We offer free consultations to any business owner who would like to learn more about how we can resolve their debt issues. There is no cost or obligation and we guarantee you will gain some value from a discussion with us.

Debt Settlement & Restructuring- As an alternative to bankruptcy, you can reorganize your business, protect your personal assets and engage your creditors in a business debt settlement discussion to reduce your debts by up to 95%. This is what we do for clients every day. You can see examples of our work here and you can read about all the various debts we can handle including:

  • SBA loan workouts and offer in compromise (“OIC”) settlements
  • SBA loan modifications & deferments
  • Commercial secured and unsecured loan settlements
  • Merchant Cash Advance Debt Settlement
  • Defaulted commercial mortgage debt
  • IRS 941 Payroll taxes and State Tax Liabilities
  • Equipment Leases
  • Property Leases

Business Turnaround & Performance Consulting- Each year, tens of thousands of businesses close their doors. At the same time, there are thousands of new businesses that open, grow, succeed and flourish. What is it that these successful business owners are doing that the others are not? Business is a science, and you can set yourself up for success using the right formula that we teach. Our Four Pillar Turnaround Program will give you the necessary skills and processes necessary to succeed in todays difficult business climate.

Capital Formation- Stressed businesses are always looking for capital as part of their turn around effort. In order to restore profitability, it often takes financing in order to increase inventory, hire more people, purchase equipment so that you can grow revenue and become competitive again. We have established relationships with lenders that can provide you with much needed capital which combined with a turnaround and debt workout strategy, could make your business tremendously successful.